Meet Sourser, your AI Recruitment Сo-pilot

Instantly start the search and connect with candidates genuinely interested in your vacancy, saving 40+ hours on each hire

No strings attached - pay only when you hire


Find and reach top candidates seamlessly

Effortless Candidate Sourcing✈️

Put complex boolean searches to rest. Upload your job description to instantly start the search and let Sourser:

  • Conduct comprehensive searches across platforms such as LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow, and more, aligning candidate experience with your ideal profile.
  • Curate a shortlist of suitable profiles for your review.
  • Calibrate the search based on your feedback – like or dislike any profile, and Sourser adapts and refines the search.

Sourser is trained on thousands of candidate searches to better understand your needs.

Unleash the Power of Outreach Magic ✨

Creating personalized messages for multiple candidates can be time-intensive. With Sourser, share your calendar link to kick-start the outreach and:

  • Locate the contact details of the candidates selected for you.
  • Create tailored outreach messages and reach out to them via both Email and LinkedIn, with timely follow-ups.
  • Collect candidate replies and reveal the shortlist of profiles interested in your position.

Just review the shortlist and hit Invite - Sourser will automatically schedule the intro calls with the candidates directly into your calendar.

Save 40+ Hours per Hire

Instead of getting lost in time-consuming tasks such as manual candidate searching, composing outreach messages, or scheduling interviews, let Sourser handle the routine work.

Harness the power of AI and save over 40 hours of your valuable time on every hire. By aligning AI precision with your recruitment needs, Sourser empowers you to focus on what truly matters - evaluating candidates, making strategic decisions, and driving your company's growth.

Bye-bye, tedious manual work. Hello, seamless automation!

No strings attached - pay only when you hire


Why Trust an AI?

With Sourcer, it's not about replacing human intuition and decision-making, it's about complementing it with AI's efficiency and precision. Here's why Sourcer should be your recruitment assistant:

Feedback-driven Adaptability

Sourser sharpens its search and presents you with candidates who are increasingly aligned with your needs based on your candidate preference feedback.

Complementing Your Decision-Making

While Sourcer does all the heavy lifting, enabling you to make informed hiring decisions. Think of it more as a synergy — Sourser provides high-quality shortlists based on your preferences and you make the crucial hiring decision.


Sourser functions at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment methods. You save resources while enjoying a seamless, efficient service.

I'm doing this 24/7, tirelessly and, honestly, flawlessly. Yet while I automate and streamline processes, you sit in the driver's seat. I support you in navigating the recruitment field, but ultimately, it's your human judgment that prevails in making the pivotal decisions.

Getting Better Over Time

When you post your first vacancy, Sourser creates your individual Context Layer - a unique dataset specific to your company that will be used as a reference for generating content. This dataset evolves with each job description and hire, enhancing the relevance of the advice and content Sourser provides. The more it works for you, the more it learns about your company, improving the effectiveness of each search. Isn't that an AI trick you'd like to benefit from?

Why Our Customers Love Us

I tried Sourser to find somebody smart and scrappy to run admin for my new project and was very impressed with the amount and quality of candidates it provided. I basically got a pipeline to pick from without lifting a finger.

– Vasili Shynkarenka, Founder, AI Study Camp

It was impressive seeing Sourser find top-tier candidates and seamlessly arrange interviews. The amount of leg work it saved me is truly remarkable. Big thumbs up to Sourser!

– Nicolas Toper , Co-Founder, Inboxbooster


No Strings Attached – Pay Only When You Hire

With Sourser it's simple: you only pay when you successfully hire the perfect talent. For just $2000 per hire, enjoy unlimited candidate sourcing, personalized outreach, scheduling, and round-the-clock support.



per successful hire

  • Unlimited candidate sourcing
  • Unlimited personalized outreach & Scheduling
  • 24/7 Customer support

Transform your hiring process and find top candidates seamlessly with your AI recruitment assistant!

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